Prolific Auto Repair

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Designing and building a website for Prolific Auto Repair using Webflow and Figma


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David Alexander

Owner at Prolific Auto Repair

"Wonderful young man. He was a lot of help. Came down to my shop to take pictures and also helped me with my computer and printer. He built my website in no time. We talked on the phone a couple of times. He showed me how it would look and that was it. I had my website and facebook page in a little over a week. My website looks very professional! Has me feeling pretty good about where my shop is headed"


Prolific Auto Repair was in need of someone to develop a website and set up a Facebook account for them. They desired to invest more energy in their online presence and provide prospective customers with additional means of discovering and connecting with them apart from word of mouth and getting in touch with them over the phone.


After a brief phone call, I constructed a high-fidelity mockup for the owner using Figma which he loved. Prior to building his site via Webflow, we held another conversation over the phone to discuss the services he offered and deemed essential to showcase, as well as his background in mechanics, so that I could compose his biography. After the groundwork of the website had been laid, I visited to his shop to take photographs for it, created a Facebook page for the company, and connected it all together.


Prolific Auto Repair now has a sleek new site and a Facebook page. The website provides potential customers with details about the services available, allows them to gain an understanding of the owner’s qualifications, and offers them various ways to contact the company. The owner of Prolific Auto Repair felt empowered by the site and expressed his utmost gratitude.