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Redesigning and building a website for R&B Tacos and Grill using Webflow and Figma


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Bradley Garcia

Co-Owner of R&B Tacos and Grill

"Deion was great! Easily the best service I've ever received from someone. I happened to be short on staff during the catering event we planned for him to photograph, and he actually offered to help! He was a lifesaver! Awesome guy. You can tell he cares about his work and making sure you're happy. Very articulate about different solutions and the decisions he made.  He kept me in the loop the whole way through. Super stress-free process. We love our new website!"


R&B Tacos and Grill desired to give their website a fresh new look. They wished to modernize the presentation with an air of expertise in order to emphasize their catering capabilities.


Having taken into account the owners’ priorities and preferences, I crafted a design that was unified and had a bit of personality. Following a few slight tweaks, we found a design that pleased us all. Upon finalizing the design, I snapped photographs to be displayed on the company’s website, and then built it with the help of Webflow. After linking the organization’s Google Calendar and guiding them through the submission and editing process, I transferred ownership of the site.


Having exceeded all expectations, the proprietors of R&B Tacos and Grill were delighted with the new website, which was both functional and professional.

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